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About us

We are dedicated to bringing families across the US affordable and high-quality clothing to dress the littlest members of their family!



Little Bear smocks was opened up by a mother-daughter duo, Cindy and Jessi. Little Bear Smocks is named after Jessi's son, Bearett or “Bear” and the shop opened when the first pre-order was placed in September, 2018!  Unfortunately, Bearett is medically fragile and needed a care taker at home 24/7, leaving Jessi unable to work. Little Bear Smocks became a way for her to pay the mounting medical bills remotely, she even sent invoices for the very first order from his PICU room! Little Bear Smocks became a fun way for Jessi and Cindy to earn enough income to support Bear. 

We never could’ve imagined the success our “little” business would bring us!  Jessi's mother, Cindy, now works full time and Jessi is next! 

We strive to bring you classic and cute clothing at affordable prices without sacrificing quality. We know the importance of family and it has been an honor to dress the children around the country. We are so thankful and appreciative to each and every one of you that have supported us.


Cindy and Jessi




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